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BUSD Override Election 2022

Posted Date: 10/19/2022

BUSD Override Election 2022



Bisbee Unified School District Maintenance and Operations Override Election November 8, 2022


Arizona Law allows school districts to get voter approval for two types of overrides.

Maintenance and Operations up to a maximum of 15%

Funding is used for salaries, instructional programs supplies etc.

Capital funding up to a maximum of 15%

Funding is used for facility improvements and capital (equipment, technology etc.).

Overrides are authorized for 7 years with the last two years phasing down the amount.


Override history for Bisbee Unified School District

Bisbee 10% for Maintenance and Operations has been voter approved since at least 2003

Results from previous override elections.

2007 63.61% voted Yes

2012 53.87% voted Yes

2017 55.38% voted Yes




The last override was approved by voters in 2017 and went into effect for the 2018-2019 school year

Overrides get full funding for the first 5 years then reduce by 1/3 in year 6 and 1/3 in year 7 if they are not reauthorized.


2022-2023 Bisbee funding from the override is $401,811

2023-2024 if not reauthorized funding reduces to $267,874

2024-2025 if not reauthorized funding reduces to $133,937

2025-2026 if not reauthorized funding reduces to $0.00


Bisbee USD Tax Rate History

2022-2023           3.8668  - Override election, since the last election the tax rate has dropped $1.12

2021-2022           4.1019

2020-2021           4.8854

2019-2020           4.9350

2018-2019           5.67

2017-2018           4.99  - Override election held this year



Tax rate for the override in the current year is 67.76 cents, the estimated tax rate to fund the override is 69 cents.  The annual cost to the average homeowner is $65.00 per year.

The average cost of one teacher in BUSD including salary and benefits is $63,910.  The funding from the current override funds the salary for 6 teachers.


Financial factors affecting BUSD


Increasing insurance benefits

Increasing minimum wage

Aggregate Expenditure Limit – Funding from Overrides is exempt from this calculation.